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In times of depletion of fossil sources of primary energy, environmental, economic losses of using them and increasing the consumption of electricity makes power plants using so-called renewable energy sources current.

  • If you have a built network connected to your site more profitable are the 1st and 3d options.
  • If there is no electric grid or it is an unstable one the 2nd option would be better.
With the introduction of stringent environmental standards, solar technologies are the solution to energy consumption in many European countries, of which Bulgaria is a part.
On the ground, on the roofs and facades of factories, workshops, establishments, office buildings and more.
  • Supplied to the distribution network.
  • Consumed entirely for own needs keeping the energy stored in batteries.
  • Consumed for own needs with the surplus being supplied to the distribution network.
1 kWp installed capacity produces about 1.2 kWh / year.
  • If you want to produce and sell electricity.
  • If you produce products or provide services and you pay high electricity bills.
  • If you are concerned that any increase in electricity prices will make your products or services less competitive.
  • If you have poor power supply.
For 30 kWp - about 200 sq.m. with a sloping roof and about 360 sq.m. with a flat roof.
  • To sale of electricity.
  • To cover part of your consumption and sell excess energy.

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